"JENN'S ECO-FRIENDLY HOUSEKEEPING has been a great fit for our household. I chose Jenn's company because my dog and I are sensitive to fragrances and toxins in most cleaning supplies. We had Jenn clean monthly for a while in the past and I'm thrilled to be able to have her back again! It's so nice to come home to a clean home, baseboards and all! Jenn is understanding of our large dog, and responsible and trusted in our home. I would recommend this company." -Lisa Petit


     "Jenn has been cleaning our house for several years, and I trust her implicitly. I really appreciate her efficient and no-nonsense attitude. She gets right down to work when she arrives, and works hard until she's done. I never feel awkward asking her about doing something differently or in addition. She does a great job with eco-friendly cleaning supplies. I love coming home to a clean house that doesn't smell like chemicals!"  -Barbara Mahler


     "Jenn is amazing. Careful, meticulous, smart, responsive, punctual, dependable. I love that she uses eco-friendly materials. I also love that she is flexible and we can change what she needs to do if necessary. She has pets of her own and understands how to work around mine which is tremendous--I can leave and know she won't let out the cat who has to be kept by herself, etc. Best of all, she is a really cool person; so glad I found her!"  -Rebecca Shieber


      "Jenn is amazing! She will make your space sparkle with light and clean energy!  She has made my home sparkle for years!  You will love her integrity and expertise and her Eco products!  Give her a try and you will be a customer for life!  I couldn't recommend her more highly!"  -Nancy Beckett

     "This woman comes over every two weeks, just as she has for a decade. Trust comes first with me and I can say I have never felt anything else but ease when I think of her in my home. And ease knowing the job will be done right, no cleaning up after what doesn't get done right. We've all had bad service, but I'm happy to say - I've had no troubles for the last 10 years with my home cleaning service. Gosh, can't even say she has ever cancelled on me... can that be right? Well, I'll have to tell her she's amazing the next time she comes over to polish my life."  -Kim Batiz